Table of Contents: Board of Regents Policies and Procedures*

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A-1 Policy of Faculty, Student and Institutional Rights and Responsibilities for Academic Integrity
A-2 Advanced Placement Policy
A-3 Policy on Advice of Counsel
A-4 Policy Governing Morgan State University's Relationship with Affiliated Foundations
A-5 AFSCME (American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees) and Morgan State University MOU
A-6 University Guidelines Governing AIDS
A-7 Policies and Procedures on Appointment, Promotion, and Tenure
B-1 Policy Granting Limited Benefits to Full-time Contractual Workers
B-2 Board of Regents By-Laws
B-3 Board of Regents Protocol
B-4 Bond Resolution
C-1 Computer and Information Technology Use Policy Procedures and Guidelines: Computer and Information Technology Use
C-2 Catalog Statement
C-3 Class Attendance Policy and Implementation Procedure
C-4 Classified Employees Manual Appeals of Classified Employee Personnel Actions
C-5 Policies and Procedures Governing Morgan State University Classified Employees
C-6 Appeal from a Rejection of a Classified Employee During Probation
C-7 Policy and Procedures on Outside Consultancy
C-8 Collective Bargaining Definitions
C-9 Policy on Copyrights
C-10 Policy on Course Load Limits for Semester and Summer
D-1 Dean's List Criteria
D-2 Guidelines on Demonstrating and Leafletting
D-3 Policy on Department Chair Appointments and Stipends
D-4 Disciplinary Suspension, Appeal of, Written Decision
D-5 Policy on the Disclosure of Student Records
D-6 Policies and Procedures for the Doctor of Education Degree in Urban Educational Leadership
D-7 Drug and Alcohol Abuse Policy
E-1 Policy Prohibiting Employment
E-2 Educational Leave Policy
F-1 MSU Procedures for the Use of Physical Facilities
F-2 MSU Faculty Contract
F-3 One Year Faculty Appointment Contract (Probationary)
F-4 Three Year Faculty Appointment Contract
F-5 Policy on Conflict of Interest for Faculty Interest in Sponsored Research and Economic Development
F-6 Uniform University-Wide Procedure for Faculty Evaluation
F-7 Faculty Grievance Procedure
F-8 Faculty Leave Accounting
F-9 Policy on Professional Commitment of Faculty
F-10 Agreement between MSU and Foundation Amendment
F-11 Policy on Full-Time Students
G-1 Resolution on University Governance
G-2 Freshman Grading Policy
G-3 Grading Policy Regarding Grades of "I"
G-4 Grading Policy Regarding Grades of "U"
G-5 Graduate School Tuition
G-6 Policy on Official Graduation Dates
G-7 Criteria for Graduation with Honors
H-1 Holiday Leave (See Holiday, Annual Leave and Extended and Advance Sick Leave at L-2)
H-2 Honors Program
H-3 Honorary Degree, Policy on the Award of
I-1 Policy on Individual Requests for Information
I-2 Involuntary Demotion of a Classified Employee, Appeal Procedures for
L-1 Lillie Carroll Jackson Museum Advisory Committee
L-2 Holiday, Annual Leave and Extended and Advance Sick Leave
M-1 Mission Statement
N-1 Policy on Naming of University Buildings, Facilities and Grounds
N-2 Nepotism
N-3 Policy on Nondiscrimination
O-1 Outstanding Faculty Awards
P-1 Policy on Patents
P-2 Personnel Manual for Executive and Professional Administrative Staff
P-3 Policies and Procedures for Presidential Evaluation
P-4 Procurement Policies and Procedures
R-1 Reciprocity Policy
R-2 Procedure for Reporting Reduced Faculty Teaching Loads
R-3 Regents Scholarship Program
R-4 Rejection of a Classified Employee During Probation, Appeal from
R-5 Rejection of a Classified Employee During Probation that Results from a Promotion, Appeal from a
R-6 Removal of a Nonprobationary Classified Employee, Appeal Procedure for
R-7 Residency: Procedures for Student Residency Classification for Admission, Tuition, and Charge-Differential Purposes (reference: Residency Policy)
R-8 Residency Policy (reference: Residency Procedures)
R-9 Resolution on the Revision of Publications, Documents, and Contracts
R-10 MSU Special Retirement Incentive Program
R-11 Retrenchment Policy
S-1 Sabbatical Leave Policy
S-2 Policy on Sexual Assault
S-3 Policy Prohibiting Sexual Harassment and Procedures for Complaints of Sexual Harassment
S-4 Sick Leave Policy (See Holiday, Annual Leave and Extended and Advance Sick Leave at L-2)
S-5 Six-year Satisfactory Progress Scale for Full-Time Students
S-6 Smoking Policy
S-7 Code of Student Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures
S-8 Student Government Association (SGA) Constitution
S-9 Proposal for Study Tours
S-10 Policy on Substance Abuse
S-11 Morgan State University Supplemental 401(a) Matching Plan and Trust
S-12 Morgan State University  Supplemental 403b Retirement Plan
T-1 Policy on Teaching Outside the Home Institution by Full-time Faculty
T-2 Terminal Leave Plan
T-3 Policy and Procedures for Termination of a Faculty Member for Cause
T-4 Policy for the Protection of the Various Trademarks, Designs, Colors and Symbols of Morgan State University
T-5 Transfer Policy
T-6 Tuition Policy
T-7 Tuition Deferment Plan
T-8 Resolution Authorizing Refunds of Tuition and Fees to those Called to Active Duty or Redeployed as a Result of the Crisis in Bosnia
T-9 Policy on Tuition Waiver
U-1 University Council Constitution/By-Laws


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